Renewable Energy

Today´s demand for energy and the finite nature of fossils fuels makes the needs for renewable energy more and more important. In order to utilise renewable energy, efficient and reliable power systems are needed.

FLUX support customised solutions for String-inverters, Center-inverters, Forward-converters, Full-Bridge converters, Push-Pull-converters, gate-drivers, boost converters for all types of renewable applications.


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Flux experience
Solar energy are together with wind energy the preferred product of renewable energy to the world

Today thousands and thousands of Solarpanels are mounted, and provide companies and privates with hot water and power.

Our goal are to be your preferred partner of customised magnetic components and solutions, and to manufacture both singel components and complete units for your power inverters.

Flux are offen a part of the design team, to secure that customer get the best and most profitable solution - productions wise and economical.

Flux Key Capabilities

  • High effiency products
  • Longlife products
  • Units - plug and play solutions
  • High current
  • Material prefered list with alternativ materials
  • Solutions for products working i high temperatur difference areas
  • UL1446
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