Renewable Energy

Today´s demand for energy and the finite nature of fossils fuels makes the needs for renewable energy more and more important. In order to utilise renewable energy, efficient and reliable power systems are needed.

FLUX support customised solutions for String-inverters, Center-inverters, Forward-converters, Full-Bridge converters, Push-Pull-converters, gate-drivers, boost converters for all types of renewable applications.


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Wind Energy

Flux experience
Wind are green energy and will allways, together with Solar energy be the primary supplier of renewable energy to the world.

Today more and more windmills are set up at sea, and therefore are the requirement for absolut high performance and realiable product very important.

25 years are no unnormal garanties in the wind energy branch, and Flux can deliver long life product, tested and qualified to meet the demand for this environment.

Flux Key Capabilities

  • High effiency products
  • Longlife products - tested for vibration and temperatur changes
  • Units - plug and play solutions
  • High current
  • Material prefered list with alternativ materials
  • UL1446
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